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In addition to all-inclusive accounting, tax counselling, auditing and internal controlling services, we consider our priority task to be arbitration and finding solutions for accounting disputes between business partners.

As the Hungarian saying goes: ‘The foundation of a good friendship is an accurate financial setting’. This is even more important for business relationships.
In the daily rush of business cases of differing nature and importance, finished and ongoing tasks, fulfilled and pending orders often get mixed up - obscuring a clear overview. As there is no time for daily auditing or analysis, small accounting errors inevitably occur. These discrepancies can quickly to pile up, and left unqualified, they may lead to the deterioration of a partnership.
There are not many companies in Hungary who can afford to lose partners due to a financial misunderstanding, whether it is a lack of time, initiative, information or a simple misunderstanding.

We offer to
investigate the possible causes of an accounting error
analyse the points of dispute
work out accounting solutions
mediate between parties if required

In our experience, a problem solved together strengthens a business relationship.

The preservation of ownership assets is of ever increasing importance to the modern business.

Any company that has been painstakingly built up and carefully guided should provide a well deserved and financially independent return for its owner. However, a breach of confidence from a single employee can destroy the work of years, or even decades.
Financial abuse, embezzlement and fraud are everyday occurrences, and are not the preserve of journals and fiction. All of us have the capacity to be financially damaged to some extent by improper business practice and misunderstandings.
Whilst your situation may not become a front page article, you will none the less likely suffer damage to financial assets, your reputation, or even get drawn into the labyrinth of court proceedings.

Fraud and embezzlement within the company is becoming a more and more common problem. According to statistics on average 5-8% of a company’s profit is lost to economic, financial and information technology abuses.
Do you sleep soundly at night?

It is in the interest of the owners and the fundamental responsibility of the management to minimise these risks.

We offer to:
Investigate internal abuse
Analyse the possibilities of embezzlement
Mapping the possible risks of abuse
Creating a control environment
Data mining
Drawing up ethical guidelines
Auditing and training by our CFE (international Certified Fraud Examiner) partner

We offer peace of mind.


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